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Oh yes, we’re moving! From now on, we will no longer be using this address. Hats off to Ben, who moved us out of WordPress and into our own domain. Also, thanks to the United States of America, and Independence Day sales.

With the new site we’ll be able to do more customization, with esthetics and such. Exciting stuff.

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So apparently games don’t come with endings anymore.  In what I find to be a loltastic post from major gaming blog Kotaku (their source being IGN), developer Ubisoft has announced “major DLC” for Prince of Persia in the form of an epilogue.  That’s right you have to pay to see the ending.

If you read my review you will have noted that I thought the ending (and the game included) was sheer money grabbing.  Turns out I was right.  However it also turns out also most people loved the ending and want to buy another ending. *head explodes*

In an enormous (currently 31 comment) thread on the post, only maybe 2-3 have negative comments about Prince of Persia’s ending (or lack thereof).  People also liken the ending to that of Shadow of the Colossus and MGS3. icon_rolleyes

You win Ubisoft! And the ignorant masses win too!

In today’s world, change happens so fast and so often it’s hard to keep up. It’s only a matter of time before you realize that you’ve been left behind in the dust. This is true for every single one of us. At some point in our lives we all have been (or will be) alone in the middle of nowhere with only the tracks of others to follow. Try all you want to find direction, but you’ll only come to find that you’re powerless in this world of transition. But don’t stress over it. It’s best to just accept the fact that _____ has changed…

In the case of this song, the woman has changed. But don’t let it be limited to just that. You can basically say everything has changed, from games to people… Every single one of us is a victim of changes.

Street Fighter IV Poster

I only hear stories of the arcade experience now.  It’s become something of a legend only old people care about.  Apparently arcades used to be something like a community, local legends were born at arcades where some people existed that could conquer games you found impossibly hard and cost way too much money and time. People taught each other secrets and strategies to playing the games, and plenty kids hung out there after school.  One game in particular caused an explosion the growth of the arcade community: Street Fighter II.

UPDATE: Already into the game? Check out the new guide!

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Games are becoming less games and more “interactive entertainment.” What exactly do I mean by that? Well it’s kind of like games play themselves, they don’t require much from you. On average, the biggest and most popular games don’t really force you to think or require nearly as much persistence than games used to. Trying and stuff is hard work.

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