Megadeth is still alive and well! Dave Mustaine seems to have found a somewhat stable lineup and has been hittin’ up the studios and riling up the head-banging crowds, making their presence noticed.

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Mike's a Dbag

Take a hike, Mike

I didn’t believe it when Ron told me, and I didn’t believe it when Adrian told me. I went down to see for myself, and have moved on from denial to depression.

But apparently the one in SUB (U of A Campus) is still Marco’s. Our review of that location is here.

It’s back on the 21st of June!

The Wii has been around for a few years now. But let’s be honest, the use of motion control has been disappointing. In most instances, Wiimote actions do not add to the game, Wii Sports being one of the few exceptions. Motions merely replaced button presses, but with added frustration and hassle. However, a new accessory, the Wii MotionPlus, aims to bring true one-to-one connectivity between the Wiimote and what happens in the game.

Both Microsoft and Sony have joined the party, this year. Each company showed their respective motion control technology at the Electronics Entertainment Expo a couple weeks ago. Microsoft’s Project Natal is highly ambitious, and goes even as far as responsive, lifelike A.I. Sony’s unnamed tech makes their Sixaxis controller look like a gimmick (well, maybe it is), offering incredibly accurate motion control using a sort of rod.

While both of these prototypes are intriguing, the question is whether or not they are going to be significant in the near future. And what will happen to the handheld controller?

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Girls you may leave now.

Sorry girls you can leave if you want.

So son, you say you want to play Street Fighter?  It’s surprisingly hard to find a cohesive and comprehensive guide on the most basic, technical, rules of the game itself.  There’s a lot of stuff that you might not have noticed even if you’ve been playing for a while.  If you feel this guide is insulting your intelligence………..then I dunno skip to the end stuff.

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10 000 views! It was quite a while ago when we were talking about 1 000, but here we are, well over 9 000. Thanks for reading Double True, readers. And thanks for all the comments, commenters. Our posting has slowed down in the past month, but we will write when we have something to write about.

See you at 100 000.

An electronic band from Massachusetts, Passion Pit released their first album, Manners, a few weeks ago. A quick listen will bring back memories of MGMT and their 2007 Oracular Spectacular. The bands sound similar, though their differences are apparent when examined closer.

The band was first formed in 2007.

The band was first formed in 2007.

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