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Swine flu! Watch out for that stuff. It’s been all the rage this month. Also, watch out for our terribly unoriginal April Fool’s joke. In April, the Oilers missed the playoffs again. And then MacTavish was “relieved of his coaching duties”. The Air Yeezys, Kanye’s sneaker, were released amidst huge hype, and we showed you why you shouldn’t get them. Instead, you should get a lot of Green Tea Ginger Ale.

Our most read post this month? Heaven and Hell: The Devil You Know Review

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I know this is something a little different than the music/gaming posts we usually have, but just have a good lol with Dikembe.

just doin’ it for the lols

Who? Oilers.
What? Out of the playoffs.
When? Tonight.
Where? On home ice.
Why? Because Craig Mactavish is a bag of douche, our lineup is what other teams call second string at best.
How? By losing the the Los Angeles Kings, who are the 6th worst team in the NHL. Does that mean the Oilers are the 5th worst?

I don’t know if anyone else is subscribed to the NHLVideo or whatever it’s called on YouTube, but every week, they post up the “Best of the Week”. Know which team is never on their highlight reel? Take a big fat guess. Now, lots of people think I’m just jumping off the bandwagon (what bandwagon? we aren’t even winning), but I’m still an Oilers fan at heart……but after missing the playoffs for the 3rd straight year, you can’t help but take a step back and analyze. In the past 5 seasons (excluding the lockout), we’ve only made one heroic run to the playoffs.

All I have to say is, Steve Tambellini better pull some fucking magic out of his ass, real quick.