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This colour scheme is so June..

Oh yes, we’re moving! From now on, we will no longer be using this address. Hats off to Ben, who moved us out of WordPress and into our own domain. Also, thanks to the United States of America, and Independence Day sales.

With the new site we’ll be able to do more customization, with esthetics and such. Exciting stuff.

Change your bookmarks, tell your friends, and never come back to this location.


I’ve still got forty minutes by my watch.

Oh, todays Canada Day?

Oh, today's Canada Day?

Mike's a Dbag

Take a hike, Mike

I didn’t believe it when Ron told me, and I didn’t believe it when Adrian told me. I went down to see for myself, and have moved on from denial to depression.

But apparently the one in SUB (U of A Campus) is still Marco’s. Our review of that location is here.

10 000 views! It was quite a while ago when we were talking about 1 000, but here we are, well over 9 000. Thanks for reading Double True, readers. And thanks for all the comments, commenters. Our posting has slowed down in the past month, but we will write when we have something to write about.

See you at 100 000.

Yeah I just got Twitter. It would be more useful if more people had it, and if it supported Rogers mobile alerts (in Canada, Twitter only sends text messages to Bell users, for now).

Anyways, Matt and I have posted our twitter on the sidebar to the right, so you can follow us from the blog. Our usernames respectively are mattzhou and carsoncarson, if you want to add us. Or you can just click on the titles on the sidebar, that’ll take you right to our tee dubz.

EDIT: Ron too, rwolol.

European Gold Finch

European Gold Finch

COD: MW2 11/10/2009

This is breaking news, dogg.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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Just announced at the Game Developers Conference, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is official. The sequel to arguably the best first person shooter this generation is dropping this November. Geoff Keighley of GameTrailers had been hinting at a big surprise all day on Twitter. The past hour played out as such:

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Thanks world!

We hit 1000 views today. Cool cool cool. The blog is less than two weeks old. Not bad, not bad at all.

I know we’ve been slowing down posts-wise, but homework is starting to invade our free time (stay in school, kids). Hopefully we’ll get a few good posts out this weekend.

I personally prefer weekends to weekdays. But this blog is not about me.